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Voted 'The Best Pilates Studio of the Beach' for 4 years in a row!   -EasyReader News


It's no coincidence that the South Bay has voted White House Pilates the Best Pilates Studio of the Beach for 4 consecutive years. We understand that choosing a Pilates studio can be confusing. We have a proven track record: 12 years in business, 5 locations, Pilates Certifcation and Education Program, and the most amazing instructors that are focused on helping YOU achieve results.

Evanna S.

Whether you are young, old, in shape or 'work in progress', you absolutely MUST give White House Pilates a try! I was a complete skeptic of Pilates, but now I am a believer!  Before trying White House Pilates, I had always associated Pilates with Yoga, which I found to be relaxing - but not a true 'heart-pumping, calorie burning, body-transforming workout. Boy, was I wrong! The Group Classes will TONE and lengthen your body. You will quickly begin seeing LEAN muscle..not bulky all the right places - under arms, shoulders, inner thighs, butt, etc.
With most of my previous workouts, I would tend to become bored easily...watching the clock until the class was over. I love that in 3 months I've been attending White House Pilates - I've never done the same workout twice. The trainers are constantly finding new ways to challenge muscles I never knew existed. I never get bored; in fact the hour is up before I know it.
The ONE THING that truly distinguishes White House Pilates from any other gym, studio, class or session I have ever attended - - is the way attending ONE CLASS can completely change your mindset, mood...and your entire day. There is an undeniable positive, euphoric energy that radiates throughout this studio. Caroline "BRINGS IT"  - she is beyond awesome, and so are her trainers. Their positive energy is carries throughout the class and I believe it singlehandedly is what separates White House Pilates from any other gym or fitness studio. You cannot leave a class without at least one good belly laugh! One thing is for certain: You will leave White House Pilates feeling great -  in body, mind and spirit. A perfect start - or end - to any day!


Jessica K. & Lisel C.

Love White House Pilates! My 3 co-workers and I went to do the free session. The facility was clean, quaint, close to where we live, and the instructor Caroline was sweet and helpful.  There was no pressure to sign up and Caroline was very accommodating to our work schedules. All of us fell in love with the reformer and were all hooked! Also the studio is 5 per class so we were able to form our own class, making it a private session. Would recommend to anyone!

White House Pilates is the BEST Pilates studio around! It's clean, close to my home and work place, which makes working out easy and what's even better is that WHP has made it fun too! The energy in the Pilates classes is high and they change the workouts so it doesn't get boring. I look forward to each Pilates class and getting stronger, leaner and more flexible! The results show! Thank you for providing such a great Pilates studio and wonderful Pilates instructors!

April S. 

Almost a year later, and WHP continues to impress with Best of the Beach three years in a row! I am currently 6 months pregnant and have continued to do Pilates classes with WHP the entire time. Each Pilates I just started Pilates at White House and it is so amazing!  I normally do Cross Fit but I have officially added Pilates into my routine.  Every bit as much of a workout from your core out.  Helps with my recovery and my flexibility.  The instructors are very knowledgeable and have made me feel very comfortable.  I am addicted.nstructor is very knowledgeable and helpful, making accommodations and alterations for positions/poses, etc. I feel very safe knowing that I am being taken care of such wonderful women!

Scott W. & Jennifer B.

I love WHP!!! I look forward to going to every Pilates class and get an awesome workout! The Pilates instructors are amazing!! They are so friendly and knowledgable! There are a variety of great Pilates classes that really work you out! I wouldn't go anywhere else!​

I love WHP!! I started in January and I am totally addicted. I am a die hard runner but I'm finding myself looking forward to Pilates Classes more than my runs. The Pilates classes are small so you get the attention you need to perform the moves correctly. All the Pilates instructors are great - making sure you are doing things correctly yet pushing you. I have been going twice a week for two months and every Pilates class has been different. I highly recommend this Pilates studio - it is a fun yet challenging workout. I'm getting stronger and having fun!​

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