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Brittany is a former collegiate swimmer with many years of competitive athletic experience. Although she doesn't spend much time in the pool these days, Brittany continues to pursue her passion for fitness through lifting, spinning and (of course) pilates! 


Brittany fell in love with pilates because of its many amazing benefits for improving athletic performance - injury prevention, increased flexibility, greater stability and quicker muscle recovery just to name a few. 


Striving to achieve your fitness goals is challenging, rewarding and (dare we say) fun! However, the physical element is only one part of the experience. Physical fitness is equal parts mind, body and soul. Brittany hopes that the hour you spend in her class facilitates and strengthens the connection between all three!


Favorite Pilates Exercise: Snake and tendon stretch 

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Carrot Cake  

Favorite Quote: Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Three words to describe a class with Brittany: Athletic, dynamic and fun!

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