Why Pilates ?

Doing Pilates helps you physically energized and less tired mentally
Why Pilates

"Doing Pilates helps you physically energized and less tired mentally.  You are able to clear your mind, relax and breathe during a Pilates class.
There are several reasons why the Pilates Method has been around for over 100 years.


1. It helps the spine. The balancing of strength and flexibility is an essential part of Pilates. Pilates helps to correct tension imbalances so that your spine can be more flexible and better protected from injuries.



2. It helps to strengthen the core. Doing Pilates is a nice way to strengthen your muscles and your core without have to bulk up as you would if you were pumping iron. For women, especially, who want toned arms, it's a great way to get these without dealing with muscle aches and exhaustion, which sometimes come with lifting weights. When your core is strengthened, it means that your neck is relaxed and the rest of your joints are free to do their work.

3. Adaptable to any fitness levels. It can be done whether you are a senior who has been diagnosed with osteoporosis or a professional athlete who is accustomed to intense sessions. Where a gym instructor might have to pace you when you are doing regular cardio sessions based on your fitness levels so as to prevent injuries, there is not this level of concern with Pilates.
4. It helps with weight loss. Doing Pilates helps to build muscles and will therefore help to stimulate your metabolism. By increasing metabolic activities, you will be better able to decrease your body fat by burning calories faster so you can lose weight. Pilates also helps to flatten your abs due to the strong focus it places on torso control.
5. Improves breathing. A lot of emphasis is placed on breathing while doing Pilates and this in turn oxygenates the blood and replenishes the cells in the body. Doing Pilates also increases blood flow to the brain.
6. Increases energy. The proper breathing techniques practised in Pilates help to increase circulation and floods the body with energy. By relieving stress, improving posture and reducing tension, Pilates also helps to boost your self-confidence and increases your agility so you can feel more upbeat.
7. Enhances mind/ body connection. All forms of exercise help to release feel-good hormones and relieve stress, and the same is true for Pilates. Pilates also helps you to be more conscious of your muscles and teaches you how to control them, so that you can heighten your awareness and increase concentration.
8. It can be individualised. With thousands of possible modifications, Pilates can be tailored to meet your individual needs. It's a great option for those who are suffering from personal injuries and might not be able to engage in high-impact exercise routines such as jogging or doing the Stairmaster, for example.
9. Heals and prevents back injuries. Pelvic instability and poor posture can lead to a bad back and create several other health challenges. However, the stretching, flowing movements used during Pilates help to keep your muscles flexible so that they can handle stressors that could cause injuries.
10. Improves sleep. Pilates helps to relax you so you can sleep better as it releases the feel-good hormones which improve your mood.

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